We try to fly beyond our limits

LA          Mrs L Wolsey - Chairperson, Additional Needs Governor
Co-opt    Prof C Atkin - Higher Attaining Pupils Governor
Co-opt    Mrs P Pearce - Pupil Premium Governor
Co-opt    Mr A Biggs - Health & Safety Governor
Co-opt    Mr A Healy - Performance Management Governor & Governor for NQTs                                                   & Students
Co-opt    Mr D Terjung - Vice Chairperson, ECO & Healthy Schools Governor
Parent    Mrs T Carter-Tyson - Safeguarding Governor
Headteacher    Mr J Beaven
Staff Representative  Mrs M Matthews - Link Governor
Associate Governor Mrs G Angel - Service Children’s Governor
Clerk to Governors    Miss L Chancellor
Governing Body Governing Attendance Record 15-16 Governing Attendance Record 16-17